Why it's important to offer your customers more ...

Generates Non-Core Revenue

We deliver home insurance and home security products and services utilising a lead referral model all managed on our cloud software platform, Ancillary Connect. We significantly improve LTV, revenue and margin from your existing customers.

Creates Competitive Advantage

By offering tangible exclusive savings on household items like home insurance and security, etc alongside energy saving initiatives, ongoing motivation for staff and consumers, our plant-a-tree projects as well as social connections your overall value to customers improves exponentially.

Promotes Retention

In this challenging environment, a top priority is to keep customers from churning. Long-term customers with old contracts can be many times more valuable than newer customers, and winning new customers is a costly undertaking. Fortunately, utilities now have a new tool at their disposal to help them retain old customers and acquire new ones: Ancillary Connect

Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth marketing can do miracles for your brand. Why? It comes across as authentic as it happens through a third party organically. And promoting your business through recommendations is completely dependent on a solid brand ambassador program.

Your Roadmap to Happier Customers

Preferential Deals

Discover exclusive discounts on home security, insurance, household goods, EV mobility, and all the little (or big) things that make home life a little easier for your customers.

Carbon Reduction Incentives

Send recognition in real time, reward customers with gift cards and plated trees, and watch engagement soar. It’s quick, easy and the best part? You're contributing to zero carbon.

What to Expect

Let our team create a program that's right for you

Easy Integration

You will be connected to the Ancillary platform quickly offering new preferential exclusive offers to your excited customers

Great Partners

Preferential and exclusive deals on products such as home insurance and home security that your customers will thank you for.

Dedicated Project Manager

Work with a dedicated account manager to craft an engagement strategy that works for your customers and employees, regardless of channel. We monitor key KPI’s, NPS scores and manage risk mitigation.



“At SSE Airtricity we always put our customers first. We are constantly innovating to find new solutions that are convenient competitive and customer focused.  The team in Ancillary Partners enables SSE Airtricity to differentiate & create better value for our customers through exclusive products and services that complement our core offering and truly helps us become a home solutions provider.”

David Manning
Director of Customer Marketing, SSE Airtricity Ltd.

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